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    We decided to take a train trip up to Buffalo, New York and then drive to Toronto, Canada. We stayed in Buffalo for a couple of days and then left to Niagara Falls. The trip took 8 hours to get to Buffalo and then another hour and 40 minutes to Toronto. You will always encounter additional delays (if any) crossing the border. Oh My Gosh!! the Falls ... It was a sight for sore eyes to see. The sight was beautiful and amazing. Welcome to one of the natural wonders of the world.

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    I remember on that sunny day when my phone rang and my friend Diane asked me, "If I wanted to go on a trip." She knew how much I like to travel and visit different places. So, the first thing I said, "When and where." She mention, St. Maarten and told me the date. As we board the plane, we talked about how this trip was going to be fantastic. When we landed in St. Maarten, the first thing we did was go straight to Avis car rental. We had a choice of having a radio or air condition in the car. Air condition it was ...this was an easy choice. It was hot as heck there. The staff of Avis directed us to Divi Little Bay Beach Resort.

    St. Maarten has many beaches and each one is unique. I'm sorry, I can't tell anymore I might slip and tell one of my secrets ... but we had a blast. The Caribbean islands have so many beautiful beaches and some of them have caves too. Go and visit some of the Caribbean islands and enjoy their history.

    Caribbean Islands - St. Maarten, Curacao

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    Traveling to different places and seeing different cultures can be so intriguing. I remember going to Europe and trying to compare the two cultures after doing some research. I'm in the United States and planning on going to France and Germany. There was no comparsion we are both unique in our own way. As you planned a trip you always try to observe the culture at hand. My intent was to adapt to their way of living so I could visit on a regular basis. Whenever I travel I always stay amongst the locals. This way you get a better sense of their culture. You get to sleep, eat and live with the locals and experience a brand new world.

    Here are several places to visit New York City, Germany, and the Caribbean. Always come back and check for more places to visit.

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    Travel With Bernie started with an idea and a passion for travel. Being a traveler and having the desire to share my experiences prompted me to start this online travel blog. I am proud to say that my blog has evolved.

    Yours truly, Bernie

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